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Seca Scales Giving Clinicians Precision and Accuracy

Precisely knowing a patient’s height, weight and BMI is critical for good patient management and crucial to providing the correct medical advice. Work with a company who puts a premium on precision just as you do. Seca is a reputable German manufacturer who has been building scales and measuring instruments for more than 170 years.

Moving exclusively into the medical industry in the 1970s, Seca is a name that is trusted by medical professionals around the world for providing fast and accurate measurement of weight and height in a variety of clinical settings and applications. From digital baby scales to BMI scales to wireless bariatric scales, the seca medical scale range is extensive and provides the tools practitioners and physicians need to meet a diverse range of requirements and situations.

Digital baby scales and BMI scales from a leading German firm

Apart from our extensive range of Seca medical scales and accessories, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of screening audiometers, electrocardiographs and a range of over five thousand medical consumables to enable you to  deliver higher quality care to your patients. At AMA Medical Products we work with only the most reputable suppliers and stock only the most respected and trusted brands, ensuring that each and every purchase made from our site leads to a satisfied customer.

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