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Fast, Accurate Readings with Our Range of Digital Thermometers

Being able to quickly establish a patient’s body temperature is a crucial part of the diagnostic process. Fortunately, technology has come a long way from mercury-in-glass, and physicians are offered a     number of ways to rapidly, accurately and hygienically measure human body temperature. AMA Medical Products provides a large selection of tympanic, oral / axillary and infrared thermometers for use in a variety of clinical settings.

Sanitary ear thermometers and touch free forehead thermometers

Our range of products give medical professionals a real choice. Many of our contact models are provided with one-touch release of probes, meaning doctors do not have to touch a used, unhygienic probe to dispose of it. Our touch free devices are ideal for high-volume clinics where fast temperature readings are crucial. These models use an infrared beam to infer temperature from the thermal radiation emitted by a patient’s skin, and can be held at a small distance, meaning the chance of contamination of the device or infection of the physician is minimised.

With some provided with desk cradles for improved organisation, our units help your clinic take faster, more accurate temperature readings. Consider them alongside our range of diagnostic sets and stethoscopes to ensure that your most fundamental tools are contemporary and high quality.

Order today, or contact our customer service team with any questions. Send us an email at or fill in our enquiry form. You can also call us directly on +61 8 9273 3022 or toll free on 1800 626 292.

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