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Medical and surgical instruments come in all shapes and sizes. They can be disposable and reusable. When you are looking for reusable instruments it is super-important to match the quality of product to the exact need within your practice / clinic. Our team at AMA Medical Products supplies surgical instruments for every purpose and suitable for most clinical settings. If you need a range of instruments or even just a single instrument to perform in General Practice, at ward level within a hospital or in the operating theatre, we have a solution for you.



Our state of the art range of “Theatre Quality” medical instruments. All HIPP medical instruments are manufactured to exacting standards at the fully accredited Anton Hipp GMBH facility located in southern Germany. Crafted from the finest German stainless steel forgings for the utmost reliability, durability, consistency and precision. Incorporating the very latest technological innovations, most of these instruments are available with Tungsten Carbide inserts for added precision and lifespan.



The workhorse of our three quality ranges. This accredited range was borne out of the need for high quality dependable instrumentation in today’s cost-sensitive environment. ARMO medical instruments are crafted from the finest quality forgings and made to our specification in state of the art fully accredited manufacturing facilities in Pakistan. A manufacturing facility that manufactures under licence to 3 German Companies! Most ARMO instruments are available in a smooth satin low reflective finish.
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