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Work with a company who understands your field. AMA Medical Products provides a wide range of consumables, diagnostic products and capital equipment for medical practitioners and medical organisations in Australia. Our selection of online medical supplies has been hand-chosen to deliver quality and cost efficacy at every level. From diagnostics sets to stethoscopes to ECG’s to Vaccine Fridges we provide it all at a competitive price. 

Providing medical consumables and equipment online

Our large selection, fast nationwide delivery and affordable prices mean that everywhere from the single-doctor clinic to the large metropolitan hospitals can easily get the medical products and supplies they require. Discuss your needs with us and we’ll work together to get the products you need to provide better healthcare to your patients. Place your order today, or get in touch with our Customer Service team toll free on 1800 626 292 or on +61 8 9273 3022. You can also send us a message via our contact form or through email at



AMA Medical Products is a market leading supplier and distributor of high quality medical products.

Six main product categories include medical consumables, medical equipment, surgical instruments, vaccines, pharmaceuticals & medicines and a broad range of medical text books to meet the needs of medical students, nursing students, the General Practitioner and Medical Specialists.

Our supply model offers over 6000 products sourced from international and Australian manufacturers and suppliers. AMA acts as the preferred or exclusive local supplier for Becton Dickinson, Welch Allyn, Vitalograph, EDAN Instruments, Siemens, Patterson’s Medical, Interacoustics and Cardiac Science.

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AMA Medical Products is one of five fully owned business subsidiaries of the Western Australian Branch of the Australian Medical Association.

We have been supplying medical product solutions for over 20 years and remain the only medical products distribution business in existence that is directly linked to the nation’s leading medical representative body. 

AMA Medical Products supplies over 6000 products into a broad customer base that includes corporate GP, allied and occupational health, general practitioners, medical specialists, pharmacies, hospitals (both public and private), tertiary institutions and universities, Aboriginal Medical Services, Department of Correctional Services, emergency services, Silver Chain, Dentists, industry and the mining and resource sector.