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Seca 286 Ultrasonic Measuring Station



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Secas 286 represents the pinnacle of Secas technologically efficient measurement stations with its unrivalled ultrasonic measurement analysis and WIFI capabilities. The fully automatic nature and diverse output options provide the perfect solution for busy working environments.



    • Fully automated column measuring station
    • Touchscreen display
    • Non slip glass weighing platform
    • 300kg weighing capacity
    • Capability to measure patients BMI
    • Sturdy aluminium column construction
    • Three pairs of sensors allows for the greatest possible accuracy while taking readings
    • Constant auto calibration that accounts for surrounding fluctuations
    • Selectable variety of output options
    • Voice guidance system
    • Network connectivity using Bluetooth technology
    • Optional wireless printer for hard copy report of readings


    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 2270mm * 434mm * 466mm
    • Weight (Device): 16.5kg
    • Weight Capacity: 300kg
    • Weight Graduation: 50g
    • Power Source: Mains Power Supply