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Welch Allyn Connex 7100 Series Spot Monitor with SureBP NiBP, Nonin SPO2 and Thermoscan PRO 6000 Thermometer (CSM)


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The combined benefits of Welch Allyns Connex, SureBP and thermometry technology in an integrated spot vital signs for convenient and accurate patient readings.



  • Large, easy to read colour touchscreen display.
  • Suitable for neonatal, paediatric and adult patients.
  • Spot or interval measurement modes available.
  • Upgradeable design.
  • Contains SureBP NiBP, Nonin SPO2 and Thermoscan Pro6000 temperature modules.
  • SureBP NiBP takes 15 seconds to provide an accurate reading.
  • NiBP module is compatible with the Welch Allyn Flexiport cuff range.
  • Thermoscan Pro6000 provides tympanic thermometry with an easy to use, single button operation thermometer.
  • Power supplied through available mounting options
  • desk mount, wall mount or rolling stands
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • extended warranty available for purchasing.
  • 3 year warranty on Reusable FlexiPort Blood Pressure Cuff
  • 1 year warranty on other accessories (incl. battery)
  • 90 day warranty applies for Power Supply
  • 90 day exchange warranty applies to SPO2 sensors


  • Dimensions (H*W*D): 166cm * 30cm * 11cm
  • Weight: 1.7kg (including battery)
  • Power Source: Mains power with rechargeable battery
  • provided through mounting options
  • Average Battery Life: Min 5 hours (continuous monitoring. Max 8 hours (10min interval cycles)
  • BP Range (Adult and Paediatric): 30 to 260 mmHg (Sys) and 20 to 220 mmHg (Dia).
  • BP Range (Neonatal): 20 to 120 mmHg (Sys) and 10 to 110 mmHg (Dia).
  • Pulse Range From BP Module (Adult and Paediatric): 40 to 200 bpm
  • Pulse Range From BP Module (Neonate): 35 to 220 bpm
  • Pulse Calibration Accuracy: ± 5%
  • SPO2 Range: 70% to 100%
  • Pulse Range From SPO2 Module: 18 to 300 bpm
  • Temperature Range: 20°C
  • 43°C
  • Temperature Calibration Accuracy: ± 0.2°C
  • Supplied with: SPO2 adult sensor, PSU & Power cable, Adult 11 Cuff, separate BP Hose (connects cuff to machine), Thermometer (Single pack of 20 probe covers)