Walmay Liquid Nitrogen Cryospray

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BRAND: Walmay

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Walmay Cryospray liquid nitrogen dispenser with 0.3Litre flask and five spray tips, provides Dermatologists and Physicians a quick and easy way to treat a range of skin problems such as warts and skin tags, while minimising patient after care and eliminating the need for anaesthesia.


  • 0.3 litre flask
  • Strong flash collar made our of metal round the probe
  • Fixed stainless steel extension nozzle for greater tensile strength and longevity
  • Top of instrument centre of gravity for balance and steady instrument operation
  • Fine metallic gauze strainer built into the siphon tube to reduce contamination when accessing the regulator
  • Carry bag containing five spray tips
  • Instructions for use
  • Base stand ring provides greater stability when not in use
  • 5 year warranty

Additional Information:

  • Length: 28cm
  • Height: 11cm
  • Width: 18cm

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