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Smith and Nephew Primapore Island Dressing


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With a low adherent absorbent pad, and gentle conformable adhesive backing, Primapore delivers a versatile and reliable wound dressing solution.



    • Soft and breathable fabric fixation layer
    • Absorbent and low adherent pad
    • Conformable design allows for easy application to most wound sites
    • Thick absorbent pad provides additional protection and prevents strike-through
    • Easily applied with a protective paper backing


    • 10cm * 8cm -Box of 20
    • 15cm * 8cm -Box of 20
    • 20cm * 10cm -Box of 20
    • 25cm * 10cm -Box of 20
    • 7.2cm * 5cm -Box of 50
    • 8.3cm * 6cm -Box of 50