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Roche cobas b 101 HbA1c Test Discs


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Used with the Roche cobas b 101 device for improving the outcomes for patients living with diabetes.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is currently not stocked and is purchased to order from the manufacturer. This ensures you, our customer receives products with the longest possible validity (use by) date.  Please allow approximately 10 days for delivery.


      • Precision is fully compliant with the IFCC and NGSP guideline requirements
      • No interference from most common hemoglobin variants
      • Requires 2 µL drop of capillary or venous whole blood
      • Results in 5 minutes
      • The result displayed as a percentage plus mmol/mol
      • Can be stored at room temperature
      • Box of 10 discs
      Compatible With: cobas b 101 device