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BladeFLASK Scalpel Blade Remover



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Remove, contain, and dispose of scalpel blades in one click with the Qlicksmart BladeFLASK. The world's pioneering single-handed scalpel blade remover enables healthcare professionals to quickly and safely remove up to 100 scalpel blades. 


  • Single-handed blade removal
  • Audible "click" sound signifies safe scalpel blade removal and containment
  • Built-in counter with automatic shutoff when maximum capacity is reached
  • Mount on wall, bench, or trolley with Qlicksmart universal Mounting Bracket
  • Puncture-proof sharps container which meets Australian Standard 4031:1992
  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS 3825:2020 and sharps safety practices
  • Comes under Engineering Controls as a passive- safety-engineered device to prevent occupational injury and infection
  • Compatible with most brands of general surgery blades and flat BP handles