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Nuprep Skin Prep Gel 114g Tube



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Nuprep Skin Prep Gel is easy and convenient to use.  Its flip-top cap and flat top design allow for quick dispensing.  Its mild abrasiveness texture gently strips away the top layer of skin and moistens the underlying layer, lowering skin impedance with minimal skin irritation and patient discomfort. This results in highly conductive skin, leading to achieve maximum efficiency with your equipment, improved test results and reduced need for re-testing. Nuprep Skin Prep ensures quality tracings and improved workflow.

Nuprep Skin Prep Gel delivers improved tracings for most applications including audiology, cardiac catheter monitoring, ECG telemetry and for sleep and stress testing.


  • Consistent mildly abrasive gel
  • Minimum discomfort to the patient
  • Latex-free