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Multigate Procedure Pack 06-400 Suture Pack EACH



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Multigate sterile, single use Suture Pack 06-400


1 x Sterile Field - Protex Blue (60cm x 60cm)
1 x Suture Tray (24.9cm x 13.7cm x 2cm)
5 x Non-Woven Balls (2.5cm)
1 x Plastic Forceps Blue (107mm)
1 x Scalpel with Blade #15
1 x Mayo Hegar Needle Holder (15.5cm)
1 x Iris Scissors (11.5cm)
1 x Dressing Forceps (12.5cm)
1 x Adson Tissue Forceps with 1:2 Teeth (12cm)
3 x Non-Woven Swabs (7.5cm x 7.5cm)
1 x MediCel Towel (Large)