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Molnlycke Mepitel One Contact Layer

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SKU: MOL289100

BRAND: Molnlycke

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Using Molnlyckes revolutionary Safetac technology, Mepitel One provides a one-sided silicone wound contact layer with gentle adhesive properties to prevent sticking to moist wounds.


  • Silicone based adhesive prevents sticking to moist wounds and can easily be removed and reapplied without losing adhesion
  • Safetac protects new and intact skin to encourage faster healing
  • Perforated contact layer allows exudate to easily pass through to a secondary absorbent dressing
  • Secondary dressings can be changed with minimal disturbance or unnecessary pain to patients
  • Easily observe the status of the wound through the perforations and transparent layer
  • Available in 6 sizes;
    • 5cm x 7.5cm - Box of 10
    • 7.5cm x 10cm - Box of 10
    • 10cm x 18cm - Box of 10
    • 17cm x 25cm - Box of 5
    • 24cm x 27.5cm - Box of 5
    • 27.5cm x 50cm - Box of 2


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