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Molnlycke Mepilex Foam Dressing


Box of 5

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Molnlyckes most popular absorbent, foam dressing aids in the treatment of a broad range of wounds including chronic and acute moist wounds.



    • Extremely comfortable, conformable dressing
    • 5 specifically formulated layers include;
    • Absorption Layer
    • Spreading Layer
    • Retention Layer
    • Backing Film Layer
    • Safetac Silicon Adhesive Layer
    • Easily cut and shape without compromising the dressing integrity
    • Features Safetac silicone technology which allows for re-positioning with minimal disturbance to the wound
    • Minimal pain when removing foam dressing
    • Easily manage exudate from wound
    • Assists in avoiding macerating a wound by sealing the wound margin
    • Available in 6 sizes;
    • 5cm x 5cm -Box of 5
    • 10cm x 10cm -Box of 5
    • 10cm x 20cm -Box of 5
    • 15cm x 15cm -Box of 5
    • 20cm x 20cm -Box of 5
    • 20cm x 50cm -Box of 2