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Liebherr SFFvh5501 Laboratory Freezer 472L



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The Liebherr SFFvh5501 472L Laboratory Freezer stores products in a negative temperature environment between the temperatures of -9°C to -35°C. The Liebherr SFFvh5501  comes with an inbuilt controller that offers multi-function capability as a digital temperature monitor, alarm system and temperature recoding system. It has a simple-to-read minimum and maximum temperature and can store up to 5 years of data. 

Ideal for Pharmacies, Laboratories, and Research Facilities. All Liebherr Scientific and Healthcare products come with 5-year warranty. 


  • Liebherr freezers guarantee a minimal temperature fluctuation of no more than ±5 °C. This means that your valuable contents are optimally protected against impairment and their quality is preserved.
  • Liebherr laboratory equipment conforms to EN/IEC 60079-0 or EN-IEC 60079-7 and complies with EU Directive 2014/34/EU (“ATEX Directive”). Classification of the interior to II 3 G Ex ec IIC T6 (declared as Zone 22) makes them suitable for flammable substances in closed containers that could form explosive atmospheres.
  • Where there is no ice, there is no need to defrost: SmartFrost greatly reduces the frost build-up in the interior and on stored products. Defrosting is required less often – and when it is necessary, it is made much easier by the smooth, easy-to-clean interior walls. The evaporator is embedded in the foam insulation and ensures high levels of energy efficiency as well as even cooling.
  • This is how easy it is to network a Liebherr: With the retrofittable WiFi and LAN interface, appliances can be effortlessly connected to external systems, such as SmartMonitoring from Liebherr. With the digital monitoring solution, the storage temperature is controlled and documented conveniently and securely via the subsequently set up interface.
  • All professional Liebherr appliances are equipped with a mechanical lock with two keys for the storage of temperature-sensitive products. This way you can be sure that no unauthorised hands can access your stored goods.
  • Liebherr appliances are optimised for maximum energy efficiency and low operating costs. We only use the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerants R 600a and R 290. When used with highly efficient compressors, these are extraordinarily efficient and, with their low global warming potential, also future-proof.


Freezer Compartment
  • Gross volume cooling: 472L
  • Net volume cooling: 257L
  • Adjustable temperature range: -9 °C to -35 °C
  • Temperature display: External Digital
  • Cooling Technology: NoFrost
  • Cooling system, freezer compartment: dynamic
  • Defrosting method: Automatic
  • Interior Light: LED light
  • Baskets: 2
  • Drawers in freezer compartment: 6
  • Number of storage shelves: 5
  • Adjustable Shelves: 4


  • Total gross volume: 472L
  • Total net volume: 257L
  • Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth: 179.3/74.7/76.9
  • Height/Width/Depth (with packaging): 1850.0/765.0/840.0mm
  • Weight (without packaging): 104kg
  • Weight(with packaging): 114kg
  • Load-bearing capacity of shelf areas, refrigerator compartment: 60kg
  • Net width of shelves: 60cm
  • Net depth of storage shelves: 51.0cm
  • Certification: DIN 13277 / IEC 60068-3 / IEC 61010-1 / IEC 61010-2-011 / IEC 61326-1
FREIGHT TERMS: 'A freight charge of $275 is included. Please contact our Customer Service Team on (08) 6489 1300 for an estimate as lead times may vary’.