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Edan SD5 Table Top Foetal Doppler with a 2MHz Probe



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Edans uniquely designed SD5 Table Top foetal doppler provides the user a portable device for the use in foetal heart rate monitoring. The in built dual speakers presents a high quality sound for expectant mothers while the headphone jack allows the SD5 to be operated in noisy environments. The SD5s integrated recording feature gives added reliability during diagnosis.


  • Hard wired 2Mhz foetal probe/transducer
  • Buttons located on the probe allows for easy one handed operation
  • Dual built in high fidelity speakers
  • Audio recorder
  • Headphone jack provides high quality sound in noisey environments
  • Easy to read, back lit LCD screen
  • Autocorrelation algorithm guarantees the accuracy of FHR
  • Lightweight and portable designed for mobile use
  • Various power supply options available
  • 1 year warranty


  • Dimensions (H*W*D): 180mm * 265mm * 155mm
  • Weight (Device): 1.7kg (including batteries and probe)
  • Weight (SD5 Probe): 85g
  • Power Supply: Mains power supply with rechareable Ni-MH battery
  • 2MHz frequency
  • FHR Range: 50 to 210 bpm
  • FHR Accuracy: ±3 bpm