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DermLite DL4 Pocket Dermatoscope


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With its 4th generation technology, the DL4 dermatoscope is DermLites most versatile device yet. The DL4 features a variety of illumination options including polarized and non-polarized illumination and a retractable face plate which provides the option for contact or non-contact examinations. With DermLites signature magnetic based design you can easily attach various eye pieces, contact plates, smartphones and tablet adapters enabling your DL4 to double as a dermoscopic camera.


    • 30mm viewing lens with 10x magnification
    • Illumination provided by 18 LEDs
    • 12 polarized LEDs and 6 non-polarized LEDs
    • Durable aluminium frame with magnetic attachments
    • Cross polarization eliminates the glare reflected from patients skin
    • PigmentBoost technology enhances pigment structure of skin lesions
    • Retractable faceplate with 10mm scale easily switches between contact and non-contact examinations
    • IceCap infection control system to reduce cross contamination
    • Contact faceplate with 10mm scale
    • 10 years parts and labour warranty


    • USB charging cable
    • Protective silicone sleeve
    • Eye piece
    • 5 * IceCap covers
    • Belt holster


    • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
    • Working Distance: 25mm