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DermLite Carbon Hand Held Dermatoscope



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The DermLite Carbon offers an ergonomically hand held designed dermatoscope combined with advanced dual polarized technology for a comprehensive and versatile examination every time.


    • 15mm 10x magnification triple Hastings viewing lens
    • Illumination provided by 16 white LEDs
    • 8 cross polarized LEDs and 8 linear polarized LEDs
    • Cross polarization eliminates the glare reflected from patients skin
    • Linear polarization provides skin rich surface examinations
    • Simple two button operation to switch between surface and cross polarization
    • Powered by disposable lithium batteries for convenient use
    • Up to 8 hours of continuous use with new batteries
    • 5 year parts and labour warranty


    • Protective silicon sleeve


    • Weight: 100g including batteries
    • Power Source: 2CR5 lithium battery
    • Working Distance: 12mm