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Cardinal Health - Smartsite Needle Free Valve Port


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We realize that clinicians want reliable and dependable products that can protect them and their patients. The SmartSite® needle-free valve is one of the most widely used needle-free systems in the world.

Key Features

  • Smooth top can be effectively swabbed with standard, acceptable disinfection practice
  • Straight-through fluid path helps improve the ability to flush
  • Low priming volume of 0.11 mL
  • Zero dead space helps prevent issues caused by blood clotting, difficulty in flushing fluid pathway or interactions with incompatible drugs

Straight-through fluid path

  • The SmartSite® valve has a straight-through fluid path equivalent to an 18g needle catheter, which helps reduce the risk of hemolysis. The AABB recommends at least a 20g needle/catheter when infusing blood. A straight-through fluid path helps improve the ability to flush.

Smooth, swabbable surface

  • The SmartSite® valve has a smooth top that is easy to swab. IV connectors with a smooth, swabbable design can be effectively swabbed with a standard, acceptable disinfection practice.

Normally closed valve

  • When the SmartSite® valve is activated, there is an airtight seal between the male luer and the top of the blue piston of the SmartSite® valve. A seal is made between the tip of the male luer and valve fluid path before the valve opens. This helps ensure there is no air entrainment or fluid leakage when the valve is activated.

Standardization throughout the hospital

The SmartSite® valve allows you to standardize on one needle-free technology hospital-wide:

  • Models 2000E, 20019E, 20039E, 20041E and 10011253 are labeled to be used with low-pressure power injectors up to 325 psi and maximum flow rate of 10 mL/second
  • Metal-free and MRI-compatible
  • DEHP-free, lipid-resistant and highly-chemical compatible

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