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Bionix Otoclear Aquabot Ear Irrigation System


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The Bionix Aquabot ear irrigation system is a simple to use, effective, pressurised bottle system. By depressing the pump and using the push release button you can control the pressure and gently irrigate a patient's ear. 




      • Easy to use pressurised bottle system
      • Gently release water using the push release value
      • Large capacity bottle
      • Ergonomically shaped drainage basin to fit under patients ear
      • Compatible with Otoclear irrigation tips
      • Soft, conical shape prevents over-insertion into patients ear
      • 3 dedicated divergent water streams redirect the water jets away from the patient's tympanic membrane
      • Exit portals allow for the water and cerumen to easily drain


      • 1 x Aquabot Bottle
      • 1 x Ear Basic
      • 5 or 20 x Tips