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A&D Medical UM-211 Blood Pressure Device



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The multipurpose UM-211 features both auscultatory and oscillometric measurement modes. The added versatility ensures the device is suitable for all medical environments.

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    • Dual measurement modes
    • auscultatory and oscillimetric
    • Cuff storage compartment and carry handle
    • Durable, chemical resistant casing
    • Easy to read, LCD screen with back light
    • Internal rechargeable battery with a large capacity
    • Irregular Heartbeat Indicator
    • 4 adjustable inflation pressures
    • While on standby the device displays the room temperature
    • Selectable deflation speed while in auscultation mode


    • UM-211 device
    • 1 x Adult Cuff (22
    • 32cm)
    • Battery Pack
    • AC adaptor and charging cable


    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 120mm x 200mm x 140mm
    • Weight: 550g (without battery)
    • Measurement Method: Oscillometric and Auscultatory
    • Blood Pressure Range: 0
    • 299mmHg
    • Pulse Rate Range: 40
    • 200 bpm
    • Blood Pressure Accuracy: ±3mmHg
    • Pulse Rate Accuracy: ±5%
    • Power Supply: Mains power rechargeable battery