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3M Red Dot 2330 ECG Tab Electrodes


Packet of 100

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The 3M Red Dot 2330 ECG Tab Electrodes are designed for everyday use and feature a water-based conductive adhesive gel. This ensures accurate ECG traces with each use. The tab-style electrode uses a pressure-sensitive conductive adhesive that is both easy to apply and remove. It also provides quick and close contact with the skin for high-quality trace pickup. These electrodes are also radiolucent, making them suitable for most radiological imaging applications. With extra large tabs, they are easy to handle and attach.


  • Designed for everyday resting ECGs
  • Large tab ensures its easy to secure to ECG leads
  • Water based, pressure sensitive adhesive gel
  • Gentle on patients skin
  • Easy to remove strip of 10 electrodes
  • Radiolucent electrode
  • Latex free electrode and packaging
  • Hypoallergenic adhesive
  • Packet of 100 electrodes