Discover How Practitioners Are Now Managing Peripheral Vascular Disease Using the World's Fastest Ankle-Brachial Index Screening Device

There are a number of major risk factors associated with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). These include advancing age, genetic predisposition, gender and ethnicity. These are factors that cannot be influenced.

Other risk factors can be modified and are behavioural in nature; alcohol consumption, limited physical exercise, smoking of tobacco products, unhealthy diet and excessive alcohol consumption are all contributors to CVD that can be managed.

Then there are physiological factors that also play a significant role. These include high cholesterol, hypertension or high blood pressure, and being overweight or obese.

A number of these risk factors are linked to other chronic diseases, such as kidney disease and diabetes.

The incidence of Cardiovascular Disease and Peripheral Arterial Disease and associated chronic diseases are on the rise. Detection and diagnosis of these are now of primary importance to World Health.

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