Attention Health Professionals who see patients that would benefit

from a new, innovative heat therapy treatment clinically proven to

better manage Musculoskeletal pain




Flexeze heat patches are an evidence-based, safe and convenient way to relieve tense or tight muscles for up to 12 hours. Each patch contains a soft flexible backing that adheres to underclothing and can be removed easily. It bends and flexes as you move.

Flexeze heat patches are the market leading heat patch used in major Australian hospitals and trusted by health professionals. 

Our patches contain all natural ingredients iron, powder, charcoal and salt. 

The Problem With Traditional Heat Treatments



Heat gels require a level of balance. Apply too much and it can cause painful burns to the skin.



Wheat bags are extremely flammable and has caused open home fires to patients homes.



Other forms of heat therapy restricts mobility and limits patients to stay in seated positions.

How Flexeze Works

When Should Heat Be Used

Heat has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of different types of pain. Injuries caused by trauma or overuse, such as ligament injuries, muscles strains or tears, are often treated during the acute stage by cooling and compression to limit bleeding. After 48 hours, heat treatment may be introduced to help the healing process by increasing blood flow to the injured area. 

One of the most important effects of heat therapy is it's influence upon collagen fibres which comprise 90% of the human body's tendon structure. Heat increased elasticity of tendons promoting faster recovery from soft tissue injury.  

Heat therapy decreased joint stiffness, muscle tightness and relieves spasms, further reducing the risk of injury. Heat may be used in both the prevention and rehabilitation of overuse injuries and to treat after-effects of injured muscles and tendons. It is invaluable during training warm up sessions and also during cold weather. 

Heat therapy provides pain relief from arthritis, back pain and muscular or joint pain. Heat improves collagen fibre elasticity and is effective for both preventing and rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries. 

AMA Medical Products is an Authorised Distributor of the Flexeze Range