Wearable Medical Technologies: Wireless ECG Monitoring From NUUBO

Wearable Medical Technologies: Wireless ECG Monitoring From NUUBO

The standard Holter test is considered as the gold standard when it comes to mid-term ECG. However, it is far from perfect and its deficiencies pose a few unique challenges in diagnosing infrequent arrhythmia.

Spurred by the goal of overcoming these deficiencies and providing high quality dynamic ECG that is comfortable for patients and can be worn for longer periods of time, NUUBO has developed a new platform; a wearable medical technology that permits continuous, wireless ECG monitoring.

Nuubo Wearable Technology

NUUBO seeks to provide Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists with an excellent ECG signal while providing patients with a comfortable and easy to use option, as well as helping the health care system substantially reduce costs.

NUUBO's wearable ECG can provide excellent signal quality through multi-lead choices (1 or 3 Lead), patient activity and body position (accelerometer), and both Holter and Heart Rate (RR) analysis features. The wearable ECG boosts patient comfort by eliminating skin adhesives and wires. As for cost reduction, NUUBO can help health facilities by providing them with a wearable ECG that can record continuously and can be worn up to 60 days.

NUUBO's wearable ECG platform essentially eliminates all the problems associated with current technologies available in the market including the need for skin preparation and adhesives, electrode expiration, allergies and irritations, positioning mapping problems and poor signal quality.

The wearable ECG is simple to use. It can be used as long as it is needed and the data gleaned can be analysed either by heart rate or morphology.


NUUBO's ECG platform has been designed to fill in the gap between traditional 24-hour Holter and Implantable Loop Recorder in four key ways;

First, because wearable ECG is comfortable and easy to use, full compliance is easy to achieve.

Second, improved diagnostic yield can be achieved through longer monitoring.

Third, unlike the Implantable Loop Recorder (ILR) which requires an injection of a foreign body under the skin in adults and children undergoing a general anesthetic, wearable ECG does not.

Finally, wearable ECG garments cost far less ILR.

How does NUUBO's wearable medical technologies compare with other available options?

Nuubo’s wearable ECG is non-invasive. Its advantage lies in its being compatible with the normal activity of patients. Holter studies generally mean discomfort for the patient; sticky electrodes and ECG leads often lead to no sleep and low diagnostic success rates. Event Loop Recorders are invasive.

In terms of cost, wearable ECG garments standalone when compared with Holter and Event Loop Recorders. In terms of patient compliance, wearable ECG permits a high degree of compliance.

Nuubo Wearable ECG

Although Implantable Loop Recorders have a high patient compliance, this is not always possible as the implant needs to be accepted by the patient's body. And although Implantable Loop Recorders are superior in terms of recording, they have no full ECG disclosure.

Wearable ECG Nuubo, on the other hand, can be used to continuously record up to 60 days. As for diagnostic yield, wearable ECG surpasses that of Holter studies. 

Simply put, NUUBO's platform plugs the existing screening gap between Holter and IPR’s by offering a solution that permits patient monitoring between 48 hours and 60 days, even longer if need be. It complements beautifully the gold standard for mid- and long-term arrhythmia detection and adds another string to the arrhythmia diagnosis bow of Electrophysiologists and Cardiologists.

AMA Medical Products is the national distributor of the Nuubo solution. To find out more click NUUBO.  If you would like to see how the system operates please contact us and we will have the product specialist in your area contact you.



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