Storage Solutions for Medical... Introducing – NIMBLE

Storage Solutions for Medical... Introducing – NIMBLE

In this article we take a closer look at this new range of Storage Solutions specifically designed for medical centres and facilities.

Today we formally launch the NIMBLE range of storage solutions.

The first thing we must do is define for you exactly what NIMBLE is…   

The Nimble Storage System is all about flexibility, where you are in control of the size and set up that works best for you.

The Nimble Storage System has been designed to combine high-density storage with strong and durable shelving.

With the need for more efficient storage and supply methods within healthcare facilities, space is limited and therefore more innovative solutions are required.

The Nimble system is unique and allows ease of access to the medical products within your facility by providing highly adaptable storage solutions. 

The brains behind Nimble have essentially taken the best of both worlds, from wire shelving and modular basket storage and combined them. The modular design of the Nimble System allows for easy integration with unlimited options to suit your needs. 

You can choose from three specific storage solutions;

  1. Nimble Storage System with pre-configured static or mobile storage solutions in Single, Double or Triple Bay and either wide or narrow presentations
  2. Nimble Wire Shelving Options of varying widths and depths, and
  3. Nimble Wire Wall Panels with a complementary range of wire wall baskets

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1. The Nimble Storage System

The Nimble Storage System has been designed with the purpose to ‘innovate the ordinary.’

Featuring a host of innovative elements, the Nimble Storage System uniquely combines design, flexibility and functionality for a better healthcare experience.

Strength: Using the collar sleeve mechanism to deliver high weight      capacities.

Flexibility: Ability to create a fit for purpose solution in any environment.

Functionality: Maximise your storage capacity with easy to customise solutions

Triple Bay Storage –Static-Wide

It is all about flexibility, where you are in control of the size and set up that works best for you.

All you need to do is choose from….

  1. Single Bay, Double Bay or Tripe Bay storage
  2. Decide if you prefer a static or mobile solution
  3. Look at your available space and determine if a narrow or wide presentation would work best
  4. Then adapt the wire shelving and trays to suit your needs.

Single Bay Storage-Static–Narrow

Double Bay Storage–Mobile-Wide

Triple Bay Storage–Mobile-Wide


Click NIMBLE to visit our website and see more of the Nimble Storage System range.



The Nimble Wire Shelving options clearly demonstrate the ethos behind the Nimble brand; beautiful products for the medical industry with elegant design and superior functionality.

Wire Tiered Shelving

Made of Nickel Chrome (NC) the wire shelving options are built strong. They provide absolute versatility with 20 options or configurations to choose from.

All Nimble Wire Shelving options are complete 5-Tier units that stand 1850mm tall.

For a perfect fit to meet your needs choose from four (4) depths and seven (7) widths;

  • Depths: 355mm, 489mm, 610mm & 689mm
  • Widths: 489mm, 689mm, 908mm, 1060mm, 1213mm, 1518mm & 1822mm

If you prefer to enclose one or more tier of your wire shelving, no problem!

You can choose a ledge to make that happen.  

Multiple ledge options are available, coming in a number of lengths and two different heights (100mm & 280mm).


Nickel Chrome Ledge

To see more of the Wire Shelving options click NIMBLE WIRE SHELVING

These options will definitely appeal to Practice Owners, Managers and Nurses who read about both the Storage System and Wire Shelving options and think  ‘We just don’t have the space for that!’


3. Nimble Wall Panels

The wire wall panels are a neat solution that create much needed storage space when little space exists. As their name suggests the wall panels are fixed to available surface area on walls.

The wall panels have been designed to allow each unit to sit flush against each other. You then can connect as many panels together as you like and need.

The panels are made of Nickel Chrome. Stainless Steel options are also available on request.

The panels are available in two sizes;

  • Narrow Wall Panel: 420mm x 200mm
  • Wide Wall Panel: 420mm x 540mm


Narrow Wire Wall Panel with Baskets

Wire Wall Panel – Narrow - 420mm x 200mm

Wire Baskets

Designed using fine mesh to ensure even small items can be stored, the Nimble wire baskets also include reinforced bars for extra strength, a clever lever system and a unique stacker that maximises space.

The Nimble wire baskets are made of Nickel Chrome and Stainless Steel, come in a range of sizes and are perfect for use with the Wire Wall Panels, as well as the Nimble Wire Shelving Systems.

Sizes include;

  • Small Wire Basket: 100mm x 195mm x 87mm
  • Medium Wire Basket: 205mm x 195mm x 87mm
  • Large Wire Basket: 415mm x 295mm x 147mm
  • Extra Large wire Basket: 415mm x 395mm x 207mm

Small Wire Basket

Medium Wire Basket

Large Wire Basket


Dividers and Stackers

No more bent or hard to move dividers. The Nimble dividers are easy to add to and remove from, baskets using a simple lever system.

Dividers are also available in Nickel Chrome and Stainless Steel and available in two sizes that fit the Large and Extra-large Wire Baskets


Nimble Wire Basket Divider


Nimble’s wire baskets are designed to neatly slot onto the wire wall panels.

The fact that they are also stackable eliminates wasted storage space. Baskets can be arrange to sit on top of each other, on a desk, workstation or on Nimble wire shelving.

Basket stacker sets are available for Medium, Large and Extra-large baskets and made from either Nickel Chrome or Stainless Steel.

Not All Wire Baskets Are Made Equal


Well there you have it; three specific medical storage solutions from the Nimble range.

For more information you can click AMA Medical Products and visit the Nimble Product page on our website

Click Nimble Video to if you would to see a short introductory video blog on the Nimble range.

You can also click Nimble – Innovate the Ordinary to see another neat little video.

Finally, if you have an enquiries, need more information or would like to request a quote for your practice or centre, please e-mail or call 08 9273 3022 where a member of our knowledgeable Customer Service team is ready and waiting to assist.

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This range looks brilliant. In desperate to create more space in my medical centers. Now have an option for doing so without having to knock down walls. do you deliver to Queensland and South Australia?

Michael Mystia

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