Providing Better Quality of Care to Diabetes Patients Through Fast, Easy HbA1c Testing

Providing Better Quality of Care to Diabetes Patients Through Fast, Easy HbA1c Testing

Diabetes management is still one of the most challenging cases even for the most dedicated medical professionals, and leading doctors and healthcare institutions are continuously working on developing strategies to maintain and improve the quality of care for diabetes patients.

One of these strategies that have been shown to improve diabetes care outcomes is glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) testing. The HbA1c shows the average sugar levels in the blood of the patient within a three-month period. As it measures glycaemic control over a certain span of time, glycated haemoglobin monitoring for diabetic patients can provide a good estimate of the outcome and efficacy of current management measures in place. 

As such, a highly critical aspect of managing diabetes is to make sure the patients commit to regular HbA1c testing and monitoring. However, doing so is often not an easy endeavour due to logistical, time, economic and lifestyle considerations patients may be facing. Thus, the availability of a solution to conduct a test accurately, quickly and cost-effectively within a primary care setting is an important development for both patients and doctors.

The A1CNow+® system delivers this advantage and urgent requirement. This diagnostic meter is preferred by healthcare professionals for its fast and easy use – HbA1c results are provided in just five minutes and will be immediately displayed on the unit’s easy-to-read LCD.

Designed to utilising both immunoassay and chemistry techniques to measure glycated haemoglobin percentage, the system is certified by the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program and CLIA-waived. Each unit is compact and portable, making it suitable for a wide array of point-of-care settings, from modern clinics to offsite medical missions. While small in size, the diagnostic meter already comes complete with 10 test cartridges for capillary or venous blood samples and 10 sampling kits (which includes 10 blood collectors and 10 samplers). To start using, minimal training is required.

For patients, the best benefits of the A1CNow+® system is its accessibility, convenience and cost efficiency. Only a 5µL blood sample will be extracted for testing. There is no need for the patient to take multiple trips to the laboratory to undergo testing and obtain the results, and to schedule for follow-up appointments with the doctor.

Should the results turn out within the HbA1c target range, it offers an immediate indication that the current management plan is working. Should the tests show otherwise, then practitioners can work faster in taking the appropriate steps to remedy the situation and therefore avoid complications that can put the diabetic patient at serious risk.


With its ease of use and the simplicity of its process, the A1CNow+® system is an empowering solution for healthcare professionals and patients to have timely, informed conversations about managing diabetes in a more proactive manner.

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