Preventing PAD with Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Testing and MESI MD ABI

Preventing PAD with Ankle Brachial Pressure Index Testing and MESI MD ABI

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally but the medical community says 90 percent of CVDs is preventable with the help of proper diagnosis, timely treatments and lifestyle changes.

To make prevention more effective, various advanced testing equipment have been developed. With these new testing equipment more important data about one’s condition are revealed, allowing doctors and other medical professionals to create a well-balanced treatment plan.

To check for peripheral artery disease (a condition that indicates arteries in the legs and arms are narrowed), the ankle brachial pressure index test is carried out. This test compares blood pressure measured at the ankle with blood pressure measured at the arm. A low ankle-brachial index number indicates a narrowing or blockage of the arteries in the legs, which basically means there is an elevated risk of circulatory issues that usually result in severe heart disease or stroke.

This particular test is usually recommended as part of a series of tests to check for blocked or diseased arteries. Suffice it to say, ABI test or screening is a highly important procedure and all healthcare facilities should be able to carry it out with ease especially with the alarmingly high number of people who are at high risk of CVDs. ABI screening is a very dependable predictor of occlusion of lower extremity arteries (peripheral artery disease or PAD), which a lot of people are not even aware they have. And on top of that, with the early detection the screening can accomplish, patients get properly diagnosed for other cardiac and vascular conditions as well.

Due to the importance of ABI screening in preventing untimely deaths due to CVDs, performing it accurately and quickly is crucial. For this, we have found that the MESI MD ABI is a market–leading solution.

This particular device performs the ankle brachial pressure index test in the most reliable way. Compared to other ABPI devices (including the handheld Doppler probe) it has emerged as the best choice because of its special features and capabilities. The MESI MD ABI does simultaneous and accurate measurements of left and right ABI. Likewise, it reveals ABI results and brachial blood pressure in just one minute. Moreover, it provides a pulse wave form and accurate blood pressure measurement.

The unit also has a unique algorithm for ankle blood calculation, advanced error detection system (the device’s smart software prevents false results even in the case of critical ischemia or medical calcinosis), and a cuff-based technology that diminishes the possibility of human error.

Screening with the use of the MESI MD ABI may prove to be one of the keys in lowering the rate of fatalities due to CVD. For an increasing number of medical professionals and healthcare providers today, a MESI MD ABI is a smart investment to make so you can perform ABI tests to increase awareness of cardiovascular health.

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