Part 2 - How to Take Advantage of the Small Business Asset Deduction Opportunity

May 01, 2017 0 comments

On April 3, 2107 a blog article titled HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SMALL BUSINESS ASSET DEDUCTION OPPORTUNITY addressed a tax concession that will end on June 30, 2018.

Time still remains for businesses generating less than $2,000,000 revenue per annum to exercise the right to an immediate tax right off for the purchase up to the value of $20,000 for what is categorised as small-plant equipment.

If your business or practice is considering a purchase to replace or upgrade an existing piece of medical equipment or wanting to add a device previously not owned, there is still scope to do so and claim the deduction before it disappears.

We spoke with Mr Jason Skinner, Partner and Director of Skinner Hamilton. He heads up a CPA firm operating from the Gold Coast, Queensland that specialises in tailored solutions for medical professionals. Mr Skinner emphasised that the available deduction was 'sizable' as it applied not to the total purchase value, but the value of each piece of equipment. That would mean a deduction up to the value of $20,000 per unit or device purchased was possible.

Another important point he raised was that if a business or practice was GST registered the $20,000 value was actually exclusive of the GST.

If you did not catch the first of our two e-mails on this matter, it can be read here; HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SMALL BUSINESS ASSET DEDUCTION OPPORTUNITY

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