iHealth: A Family of Mobile Health Products to Help You Stay Healthy and Connected

iHealth: A Family of Mobile Health Products to Help You Stay Healthy and Connected

Mobile health or mHealth is a term and an exciting concept used in the field of medicine these days. It generally refers to the practice of medicine and public health supported by smartphones, tablets, and other mobile communication devices. The mHealth niche is a sub-segment of the eHealth field, which refers to the use of information and communication technology for health services and information. As the term itself suggests, mHealth applications involve the use of mobile devices in collecting health data, delivering consumer healthcare information, real-time monitoring of patient vital signs, and directly providing care.

While mHealth boosts efficiency in the practice of medicine and public health in industrialised countries, its immense usefulness in developing nations has achieved wonders in improving the capacity of health systems in such places.

With mHealth applications, there has been an increase in access to healthcare as well as health-oriented information. The products are typically used to expand access to ongoing medical education and training for health workers as well as to diagnose and monitor diseases. One of the leading brands in the mHealth niche is iHealth. What are some examples of its products?

  • Blood pressure monitors – Lightweight and portable, the iHealth line of personal mobile blood pressure monitors works with a free mobile app, making each model easy to use. All of them allow you to automatically keep pertinent data on your mobile device.
  • Glucometers – iHealth’s blood glucose meters provide a most convenient way to measure and manage your glucose with the use of your mobile device. The company is also responsible for putting iHealth Align, the smallest mobile glucometer, in the market.
  • Weighing scale – iHealth has a line of convenient and smart wireless scales that make it easy to track and manage weight as well as other components of body composition such as body water, body fat percentage, lean mass, muscle mass, etc. All data are collected automatically and saved to the app and cloud.
  • Fitness devices – These products help you get the most out of your activity by motivating you to move more, and the most out of your rest as well by informing you on how well you’re sleeping. 

All these products are great for the personal use of a consumer as well as for professional use of a medical practitioner. A number of General Practitioners are leading the way by enabling their patients to buy the devices directly from their practice.

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