B-Class Autoclave Owners… Are you doing this minimal requirement?

B-Class Autoclave Owners… Are you doing this minimal requirement?

Do you own and use a B-Class steriliser within your practice? If so, are you doing this minimal requirement?

It is a requirement that in your Type B Autoclave, you must do a minimal daily Bowie & Dick Type Test, on the day of use, prior to use. A Bowie & Dick Type Test is an Air Removal, Steam Penetration Test. You cannot confidently ensure adequate steam penetration required for sterilisation, if air pockets are present in your load, and you do not have good quality steam present.

Your Guide:

AS4187:2014 - Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organizations AND AS4185:2006 - Office-based health care facilities— Reprocessing of reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment, and maintenance of the associated environment, are you key guiding documents for your daily practice in sterilisation management and control.

Your Local Resource:

Are you aware that you can gain clarity around the definitions and understanding for application of these standards, from your local Sterilising and Research Council of Australia (SRACA) branch. Their National Branch (FSRACA) play in integral part in the formation of these standards. They have members allocated to both of the standards committees above.

Each state has a local branch and an appointed President. For example in Western Australia it is Teressa Normington, who is also on the committee for the World Federation of Hospital Sterilisation Services (WFHSS).

This SRACA Presidents in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania are respectively; Jill Cumberland (President elect), George Papadopoulos, Elaine Jose, Renee Pringle and Margaret Alomes.

Each local SRACA local branch is at your disposal for guidance and clarity on standard implementation.

Your Bowie & Dick Test Solution

For a high quality testing option for your practice, check out the ISP® Bowie & Dick Autoclave Test Pack from manufacturer Interster. Along with the ISP® Helix Test System(100 Strips), they offer you the option of a traditional Bowie & Dick Type Test and or a Helical Test.

The Chemical Indicator used in both these items above, contains an interpretive ink that will reflect the quality of your steam as part of your daily Bowie & Dick testing. There is a reference chart available to assist if you encounter a fail test situation for remedy. Your machine print out cannot tell about your quality of steam, only the key parameters of time & temperature.

These products are made available in the Australian market place by Sentry Medical and supplied direct to end users nationally by AMA Medical Products.

Contact AMA Medical Products for additional product or ordering information on the ISP® range.

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