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Accurate, Convenient Omron Arm and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitors

A trusted Japanese brand. AMA Medical Products is proud to offer a range of blood pressure units from this respected and market leading manufacturer for purchase by clinics and private users. Omron are known globally for their innovative medical equipment, and reviews for Omron blood pressure monitors are always positive with good reason.

Trusted by practitioners, consultants, nurses and people with chronic illnesses, they’re a cost-effective and excellent choice for users within medicine and at home. Keep tabs on your health or make one of the most fundamental vital signs measurements made by a general practitioner faster and easier with our help.

Omron BP monitors provide precision at an affordable price point

From cost-effective yet feature-packed models all the way up to cutting edge medical devices, the Omron range is broad enough that there’s something for everyone at every price bracket. Whether you’re looking to equip your practice or medical facility with the latest and greatest or an individual wanting accurate, fast measurement of your own blood pressure for personal health reasons, we encourage you to browse our selection of Omron BP monitors.

Trust the reviews, Omron blood pressure monitors are a great choice

AMA Medical Products stocks only the very best in equipment and consumables, so you can rest assured that whatever’s offered to you is reliable, dependable and provided at the most competitive price. From oximeters to surgical instruments, we provide it all.

Order your products today, or contact us with any questions and we’ll steer you in the right direction. Call our Western Australian based team toll free on 1800 626 292 or on +61 8 9273 3022 or send us a message via our enquiry form or through email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. We support customers Australia-wide

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