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AMA Medical Products represents a number of high-profile international brands, by supplying select products from their portfolios throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

Such products include patient monitors, foetal & maternal monitors, pulse oximeters, PC based resting ECG, portable bone-strength assessment, vascular assessment, colposcopes and wearable, wireless diagnostic Cardiology solutions.


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Type: Diagnostic Capital Equipment

The EDAN range of products includes vital signs monitors, patient monitors, foetal dopplers, vascular Dopplers, foetal & maternal monitors, pulse oximeters, PC based resting & stress ECG and Colposcopes.

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Type: Wearable Wireless Cardiac Sensor Technology

The Nuubo nECG system is a revolutionary cardiac monitoring solution that can be used for basic screening, in place of Holter monitoring, cardiac rehabilitation and in sports medicine.
The platform allows for the capture of a dynamic ECG via an innovative system that incorporates 3 key elements. It is cost-effective, wearable, able to be used remotely via holter mode, continuously in live mode and is non-invasive. In addition, this same system that offers both 1-Lead and 3-Lead ECG, can be used simultaneously for both individuals and large numbers of patients.

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Type: Osteoporosis Assessment and Monitoring

The MiniOmni is ideal for any physician office or medical clinic; any pharmacy, annual check-up centre or other retail venue. Roughly the size and weight of a hardcover book, the cost-effective Sunlight MiniOmni connects via USB to a desktop or laptop computer, allowing patient assessment to begin within minutes.

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Type: Obstetrics & Gynaecology Consumables

UK manufactured and packed under a controlled environment the Portia Pessary rings are white in colour and shaped like a doughnut. Sizes range from 50mm to 110mm covering and the PVC rings are both soft and flexible, allowing for quick and seamless positioning.

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Type: Thermometry

AMA WA offer a cost effective, disposable digital thermometer for use in every clinical setting. Sold in boxes of 12 these single patient use thermometers offer quick and accurate oral, axillary and rectal temperature measurement.

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