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Physio Control Lifepak CR2 Essential Semi Automatic AED

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SKU: PHY99512001250

BRAND: Physio Control

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Physio Controls newest AED offers users guaranteed performance with its intuitive, ergonomic design providing the minimally trained user with an easy to use AED in emergency situations.


  • Conducts daily, weekly and monthly routine self-checks. Additional checks conducted when the device is initially switched on for guaranteed performance when required
  • Semi automatic operation automatic once defibrillator pads are attached
  • Visible Readiness Display
  • Industry leading 8 year warranty on the AED
  • Built-in safety protocols to shock only if required by the patient
  • An initial shock delivered at 200 joules which automatically escalates each shock
  • Directs up to 360 joules if required on difficult to defibrillate patients
  • Audible metronome and CPR coaching guides users during emergency situations
  • ClearVoice technology listens to the level of background noise and adjusts the volume accordingly
  • Layered design with easy to follow pictorial instructions
  • Average of 103 full discharges when fully charged (800min operating time)

Supplied With:

  • Carry Case
  • 1 pair of electrodes


  • Dimensions: 9.7cm * 22.6cm * 27.4cm
  • Weight: 2.0kg including battery
  • Defibrillator Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential
  • Energy Output Range: Multiple levels (150 to 360 joules)
  • Environmental Resistance: IP55
  • Maximum Defib Discharges: 103 at 360 joules
  • Standby Battery Life: approx 4 years
  • Internal Memory: Dual patient memory

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