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Physio Control Lifepak 1000 External Defibrillator with ECG Display



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ILCOR AED Universal Wall Sign
ILCOR Universal AED 3D Wall Sign

Physio Controls most flexible external defibrillators capable of providing the necessary tools for any first responder to an emergency situation. With the push of a button switch between the simplicity and functionality suitable for the minimal trained user to the advanced comprehensive features, including a 3 lead ECG, making it suitable for ALS trained users.


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    ILCOR AED Universal Wall Sign
    ILCOR Universal AED 3D Wall Sign


    • Dual operating modes
    • AED for basic trained users and Manual for ALS trained users
    • Voice and visual prompts to aid users during emergency situations
    • Ruggedly constructed to withstand a 1m drop
    • 3 Lead ECG display giving ALS users vital information
    • Visible Readiness Display (OK Indicator, CHARGE-PAK Indicator, Attention Indicator, Service Indicator)
    • Escalating energy output starting at 150 joules to a maximum of 360 joules
    • Long lasting battery capable of delivering 220 shocks or monitor a patient or 17 hours
    • Cross compatible technology with any LifePak ALS device
    • cprMAX technology allows CPR to continue while the AED charges reducing CPR downtime
    • Large easy to read back-lit display featuring vital information including CPR countdown timer and shock counter
    • Adjustable CPR and defibrillator settings to suit your teams protocols


    • 2 Pairs of REDI-Pak Electrodes
    • Three lead ECG cable
    • Operating Instructions
    • Battery
    • Carry Case
    • Product Informational CD
    • Quick Reference Card


    • Dimensions (H*W*D): 8.7cm * 23.4cm * 27.7cm
    • Weight: 3.2kg including battery and electrodes
    • Display: 12cm * 8.9cm
    • Defibrillator Waveform: Biphasic Truncated Exponential
    • Energy Output Range: Multiple levels (150 to 360 joules)
    • Environmental Resistance: IP55
    • Modes of Operation: AED, Manual, ECG, Setup, Data Transfer and Auto Test
    • Maximum Defib Discharges: 440 at 200 joules or 1030 minutes of operating time
    • Lead Wire Length: 1.07m
    • CPR Time: User configurable to 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120 or 180 seconds
    • Internal Memory: 2 dual patient memory, minimum of 40 minutes ECG for current patient with summarized data of previous patient
    • Internal Memory Capacity: 100 time stamped readings