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  • AED HeartSine samaritan 360P Fully Automatic Defibrillator 1
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HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P Fully Automatic Defibrillator


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A compact, lightweight and easy to use automatic external defibrillator. Designed as a public access device (PAD) the 360P AED is the big cousin to the 350P and offers a fully automatic operational cycle and additional step-by-step instructions to guide the user during emergency situations.



    • Easy to use fully automatic defibrillator
    • One button operation using the On/Off button
    • Escalating preprogrammed energy output provides shocks at 150J, 150J then 200J (adults)
    • A visual illustrated guide to CPR process
    • Illustrated pad placement guide with reversible pads
    • The first shock can be delivered in 10 seconds if needed
    • Low lifetime usage costs with a convenient battery and pad cartridge with a single expiry date
    • Defib can still be used while in its shockproof case
    • System Status Indicator light shows when the device is ready for use
    • Weekly self-checks to keep ensure its rescue-ready


    • HeartSine samaritan 360P AED
    • Combined single-use adult defibrillation electrodes and battery pack (lithium manganese dioxide 18V) cartridge
    • Shockproof carry case


    • Dimensions (H*D*W): 20cm * 19cm * 4.8cm
    • Weight: 1.1kg (including battery)
    • Waveform: Self Compensating Output Pulse Envelope Biphasic waveform
    • Energy Output (Preprogrammed);
    • Adult: 150J, 150J, 200J
    • Paediatric: 50J, 50J, 50J
    • Electrode Wire Length: 100cm
    • Internal Memory Capacity: 90min of ECG and the entire event and analysis decision
    • Environmental Rating: IP56
    • Battery Capacity: Minimum 60 shocks at 200J